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Winter / Spring

Nov. 1, 2023 - May 24, 2024

10 AM - 4 PM weekdays
10 AM - 5 PM weekends

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All tickets are 2-day passes

General Admission

  • Adult $23.95
  • Youth (Ages 3-17) $17.95
  • Senior (Ages 65+) $21.95

Admission + Film

  • Adult $28.90
  • Youth(ages 3-17) $22.90
  • Senior (Ages 65+) $26.90


Rivers to the Sea

The newly renovated Rivers to the Sea exhibit is now open! Take in 100 new species from the Gulf of Mexico, the Marshall Islands, and more. Check out Rivers to the Sea in the National Rivers Center to see just how connected we are to our oceans!

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Rivers to the Sea

River of Innovation

From a working 19th-century belt-driven machine shop to engaging interactives and a MakerSpace, River of Innovation is our newest can't miss permanent exhibit!

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River of Innovation entrance
Corn Snake

Featured Animal

Corn Snake

This is a perfect time of year for this month’s featured animal! Corn snakes usually have a pattern that mimics that of fallen leaves, and can often be found on the forest floor,…

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Featured Collection


It might seem unusual but arguably this object (though not exactly this one) is part of the reason why Dubuque exists today!It is a windlass, or at least part of one, and while it…

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