Thank you to everyone who donated in 2023!

You enabled us to fulfill our mission of inspiring stewardship by creating educational experiences where history and rivers come alive. You help us to persevere, maintain our optimism, and stay creative.

Sincere gratitude,

The Staff of the Dubuque County Historical Society, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Mathias Ham Historic Site, National Rivers Hall of Fame & RiverWorks Discovery. 

2023 Donors


Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Dubuque County
Institute of Museum and Library Services

$25,000 - $49,999

Association of Zoos & Aquariums
City of Dubuque

$10,000 - $24,999

Burnell R Smith Family Trust
Butler Family Fund for The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
Diamond Jo Casino
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
Nutrien Ag Solutions
Resource Enhancement & Protection Conservation Education Program
State Historical Society of Iowa - Historical Resource Development Program

$5,000 - $9,999

John and Med Bickel
Burds Family Charitable Giving Fund
Darkbird Taphouse
Bailey Dorrington
Tracy and Fred Fischer
Bill and Adeline Gard
Nate and Emily Harold
James A. and Mary Schmid Family Charitable Foundation
Lavern T Busse & Audrey Busse Foundation
McCoy Group, Inc.
Newt Marine Services
River Cruises
Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
Kurt and LeeAnn Strand
The Conlon River Museum Endowment Fund
Thomas and Charlice Woodward

$1,500 - $4,999

L. Peter and Cynthia Alt
Jeff and Kathy Bodine
Butler Family Foundation
Poppy R. Conlon and Jason T. Benson
Conlon Construction Co.
Brian and Ann Cooper
Jerry and Kim David
Dimensional Brewing Company
Dubuque Bank & Trust
Dupaco Community Credit Union
Brian Enke and Paula Norby
Gabe and Renee Finnin
Finnin Kia
GreenState Credit Union
Jack and Sarah Hasken
ImOn Communications
Ernest and Peggy Jackson
John and Mary Ellen Bickel Family National Rivers Hall of Fame Fund
John Deere Dubuque Works
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
John and Jane Kiefer
Wendy and Russell Knight
Cristy and Jeff Manternach
Dr. Jeff Manternach and JD Robertson
Mathis-Pfohl Foundation
McDonough Charitable Foundation
McGrath Automotive Group
Staci and Mark McKeon
Mike and Laura McNamer
Tom and Wallene Neumiller
Carter and Wanda Newt
Larry and Lynn Pape
Q Casino
Rauen Family Foundation Fund
Wendy and Brad Scardino
Michael and Elizabeth Schmid
Capt. & Mrs. Kevin Stier
Michael and Norma Stoll
Joshua Sun
Sunflower Enterprises, Inc
Target Stores
Glen and Maryellen Thompson
Tom & Charlice Woodward Endowed Donor Advised Fund
U.S. Bank
Vanderpoel Conservation Foundation
Wahlert Foundation
Westmark Enterprises, Inc.
Robert and Beth Woodward

$500 - $1,499

Gary and Gail Appel
William and Vicki L Arnold
Karen and Will Babler
Bertsch Family Gift Fund
Jim Boedeker
Sue Bonfig
Timothy and Nancy Butler
Scott and Sandra Cairns
Capra Bank
Michael and Katherine Casper
Mary Jo Chapman
Michael and Laura Chapman
Judson Clark
Chris and Jazmine Collins
Britta and Andrew Cuming
Monica Curoe
Claire and Mitchell Damgaard
Kevin and Kris Eipperle
Jerry Enzler and Kate Fischer
Paul Fuerst
Alison and Tut Fuller
Kenneth W. Furst
Michael Gibson and Dr. Teresa Eckhart
Steve Goerdt and Carla Grondin
Greg and Christie McCoy Family Fund for the NMRMA
Jimmy and Susan Gundlach
Richard and Toni Heller
Paul Hettich
Mark and Brenda Hostager
James and Sue Huff
Edwin and Bonnie James
John and Bette Schmid Endowment Fund For Nonprofits
John and Dawn McCoy Family Charitable Fund
Kathryn Kadleck
Tony and Susan Kalb
Nancy and James Klauer
Klauer Foundation Trust
Robert C. Knopp and Cheryl Hillary
Kristin Woodward Fund for the NMRMA
Kunkel & Associates, Inc.
Sally and Jim Liddle
Joy Manthey
Eric and Emily May
Joy McCarthy
Jon and Dawn McCoy
MidWestOne Bank
Donna Miller
Kenneth and Sue Miller
Mines of Spain Trail Races
Modern Companies, Inc.
Ernestine and Melvin Moss
Myers-Cox Co
North American Association for Environmental Education
Bruce Oates and Erin Gannon-Oates
Tim and Mary O'Brien
Jim and Deb Oleson
Origin Design
Dale and Sue Otto
Douglas and Lois Pearce
Louis Pfeiler
Randall W. Lengeling Fund
Susan and Edwin Ritts
R.J. and Susan Roewe
Don and Wilma Sanders
Michael and Renee Sandidge
Marilyn Schroeder
Tracey Schwartz
Skyline Construction
Michael Stenberg
Emily Stier
Sun Trail Running
Terry & Paula Friedman Charitable Donor Advised Account
The Martin Charitable Fund
Christopher and Pamela Theisen
Ron and Lori Thielen
Earl and Kimberly Thompson
Thomas and Jayne Uelner
John and Alice Vontalge
Mark and Mary Beth Wagner
David and Nancy Wahlert
Chad and Regan Wolbers
Ronald and Judy Wolf

$1 - $499

1 Mississippi
Jason and Paula Adams
Krisan and Henry Albert
Sarah Alexander
Miles Alexander
Natalia Alexeeva
Jade Allen
Alliant Energy Foundation
Andy Allison
Zach Alms
Harry and Mary Althaus
Ben and Dianne Andersen
Veronica and Brian Anderson
Arrows Arcadia
Scott and Carolyn Arnold
Barbara Ashby
David and Ruth Assmus
Cara Atchley
Eric and Ellen Bachman
Janna Bader
Steven L. Bailey
Diane Baker
Jasmine Baker
Kalahan Baker
Julie Bandy
Linda Barbaro
Angelica Barkalow
Douglas Barnes and Marjorie Ballina
Jay Barney
Darletta Bauer
Ron and Robin Bauerly
Kera Baumgartner
Dennis Baumhover
Alana and Jon Beadell
Shelbi Bedessem
Tricia Behnke
Elizabeth Behrens
Leroy and Barbara Berg
Dawn Bernards
Kaleb Berns
Carol and Thomas Bertjens
Brooks and Amy Bertsch
Kenneth and Nancy Bickel
Louis and Charlene Bielakowski
Linda and Mark Blocklinger
Andrew Boardman
Bob Felderman Photography
Bob Felderman Realty
Liz and Carl Bobis
Dustin and Paula Bodine
Chloe Bodine
Larry Boles
Susan Bookless
Melanie Boyle
Nate and Lisa Breitsprecker
Philip G. Brennan and Trish Jewett
Tony and Holly Brimeyer
Mary Rose and Keith Brimeyer
Wendy Brown
Richard Brown
Patrick Brunet
Kathy and Vic Buhr
Matthew Bulkeley
Roy and Deborah Buol
Linda Burshiem
Amy Butler
Steve and Sue Butt
Josh and Reina Canon
Ellen and Casey Carr
Casey's General Store
Mary and Tom Cavanaugh
Gerrie Ceru
Wayne and Judi Chandlee
Gail Chavenelle and William Dicken
Kirby Clark and Kristin Bickel-Clark
Jesse Clemen
Sandra Cliff
Natalie Clifton, Courtney Ainney, & Ian Dickerson
Wayne and Barbara Collins
Justin and Amber Connolly
Tom Connors
Mary Ann Conzett
Michael Coomer
Freddy Cordon-Perez
Kristi Covert
Kate Coyle
Anne Culver
Sam Culver and Emily Crowe
Cynthia Currier-Hemel and Lance Hemel
Amanda Curtis
Serena and Cody Darling
Maia Davidson
Tamara Day
Robert and Pamela De Meester
Kevin Deeny and Megan Stull
Dr. Paul and Myra DeLong
Leanne Denissen
John and Ruth Deutmeyer
Joyce Dick
Julie Dingman
Caleb and Allie Dirks
Dirt Road Darlings Boutique
Janice Dix
Chad Dorr
Bailey Douglas and Bailey Thurm
Matthew and Megan Drake
Malia Droeszler
Benjamin Drury and Jessica Pease
Jason and Mary Duba
Frank and Ann Duchow
Bridget Duffy
John F. Dutcher
Samantha DuVall
E&I Cooperative Services
Eagle View Enterprises, LLC
Lonnie and Kay Eberhart
Thomas and Judith Edmonds
Adam and Dawn Eikamp
Elle & Becks
Pamela Engelke
Colleen Erickson
Michaela Esveld
Exceptional Dentistry of The Tri-State Region
Colton Eyerly
Rick and Jean Fassbinder
Felice Fund
Fenelon Place Elevator
David Fijalkiewicz
Amy Fishwild
Troy Fogle
Mary French
Marabeth and Norman Freund
Don and Jan Freymann
Patricia Friedman
Jeffrey Gallery
Gwen Gallucci
Ed Gansemer
Jim and Jean Gantz
Carolyn Gantz and Jerry Ihm
Jon and Ruth Gardner
Keith & Kathy Garms
Sheri Garner and Dominic Orrico
Mary Ann Gassman
Frank and Rachel Giunta
Gavin Glasgow
Margaret and Kevin Glendenning
Susan and John Glithero
Paul Goodman
Paul and Kim Goranson
Melissa and Tim Goranson
Greater Dubuque Development Corp.
Faith Green
Karen and Richard Greene
Brian and Olivia Griffin
Al and Mary Grivetti
John and Mary Gronen
Terry and Debbie Gross
David Gust
Jo Gustafson
Kendra and Kirk Haage
Jenny Hacke
Jessie Haffner
Richard Halvorson
Philip and Caitlin Hanaburgh
Elizabeth Hance
Natalie and Jim Hannan
Edward and Sharon Hannon
Shirley Hansen
Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor
Stephen and Connie Hardie
Gabrielle Hardin
Wally and Lois Harrison
Alan and Susan Hattel
Ron and Barbara Haugen
Amy and Jeremy Hawkins
Makayla Haynes
Tom Heard
Kristina and Justin Heinzen
Christy and Jim Heller
Margaret Hempel
Matt Henning
Lance Henze and Mikaela Tully
Mark and Julie Hermann
Carmen Hernandez and Peter Szeibel
Tyler Hess
Berkley and Dell Hillary
Hills & Dales
Cindy Hine
Stacey Hines and Jon Kluck
Charles and Shari Hoefer
Wanda Honerbaum
Marty Horsfield and Sandy Weiss-Horsfield
Brendan Howe
Dennis and Sandra Hoyer
Tony and Suzanne Huebsch
Jeff Huffine
Lucas Huisenga
Justiel and Jeff Hunter
Jonathan Ibarra Alonzo
IBEW Local Union #704
Sarah and David Jackman
Beth and Joe Jarding
Christopher Jarvis
Mary Jo and Jimmy Jean-Francois
Jeffrey & Tammy Flynn Charitable Fund
Becky Jenkins and Willie O'Brien
Julie Jeske
William and Linda Johll
Chris Johnson
Deb Johnson
Ric and Sue Jones
Edwin Jones
Danisl Jones
Dan Jongewaard
Angie and Adam Kafer
Mary Kane
Garrett Kartman
Jeff and Jodi Kartman
Brandon Kelly and Autumn Steadman
William Frank Kennedy
Darren and Kelly Kent
Ashley Kidd
Lori and Dan Kies
Donna Kinley and William Howe
Dr. Marianne Kirkendall DVM
Constance Kitchen
Nelson and Ramona Klavitter
Kathy Klein
Alison and Jake Klein
Sarah Kleinbrook
Xanah Knoblich
Patricia and Karl Knutson
Hank and Anne Kohler
Tamara Kohlhoff
Steve and Andrea Koivisto
Jim and JoAnn Kopp
Terry and Juliana Kouba
Gary and Karen Kremer
Dennis and Ellen Kremer
Sharon Kress
Jacqueline Kronabetter
Ketelyn and Logan Kubovec
Amy LaMarche
Tommy and Kate Lange
Richard and Sue Langel
Jo Ellen Langerman
Kristin Largen
Kevin and Serena Larsen
Terri and Tim Lawler
Christopher Lee
Kristen and Konnor Leffler
Danielle Leibfried
David Leider and Claudia Nevarez
David and Stacy Leman
Lyndi Leonard
Pat and Kerry Leppert
David Lewandowski
Kurt and Christine Lewin
Tyson and Jennifer Leyendecker
Kayleb Lipe
Karen Loeffelholz
Chris and Valerie Loewenberg
Zoe Lohman
Lily and Kerry Long
Kasey Lowery
Daniel Luher
Robert and Lynne Lund
Colin Lund
Violet Lyght
Bruce and Lisa Lynk
Rich Maas
Carol Mackintosh
Mammel Family Foundation
Dennis and Alice Mans
Susie Martelle
Julia Marti
Thomas N. Martin and Rhonda Hudgins
Parrish and Janet Marugg
Brian and Holly Massman
Pamela Mather
Mark McAllister
Talia McAtee
Carol McClenahan
Trish L. McDonald
Nick McFadden
Murphy and Kyle McFall
Roseann McInerney
Samantha McLaughlin
Reggie McLeod
Michael and Susan McPeters
Josh and Molly McQuillen
Maria and Justin Meana
Russ and Marcia Medinger
Linda and Robert Melssen
Terri and Mark Merkes
Kelly Merkes
Jack and Karan Mescher
Tina Meyers
Cayden Mieden
Sarah Mileusnich
Kim and Andy Miller
Jim Miller
Sally Miller
Lisa Miller
Nicole and Alex Miller
Ellie Moes
Gillian Mohn
Jon Moore
Harold and Marie Moser
Darryl K. and Terry Mozena
Michael Muir
Marcus Murphy
Ayla and Kevin Murphy
Francis and Julie Murray
Christine Murray
Paula Neuhaus
Morgan and Gloria Newton
Sandra Nickel
Keegan Nicolin
Samantha Niecestro
Cindy C. Nielsen
Jason Niosi
Catherine and Ron Oberfoell
Mark Oehlert
Sarah Olsen
Robert and Ann Osterhaus
Kelly Ostert
Judson and Maureen Ott
Teresa Ozzello
Trevor Pagels
Elizabeth and David Palmer
Mary Kay and Tim Pancratz
Jim Pancratz
Nick and Ashley Patrum
Michelle Peacock
Michael and Linda Pedersen
Ashley Peer
E. Eugene Perry
Susan Pesheck
Amber Peters
Kristin Petersen
Kent and Jennifer Peterson
Tim Peterson
Matt Pillard
Donny and Arianna Pirkel
Daniel and Karen Ploessl
Edward Potash
Steven and Alexa Priske
Jillian Pritchard
Marjorie Prybyl
Mary Quillin
Chanel Quinn
Ed Raber
Brian and Amy Ransler
Redwood Logistics
Brenda Ries
Matthew Rissler and Angela Kohlhaas
Dave Robichaux
Clement Robichaux
Bridgett Robinson
Chelsea Robinson
Jim Royster
David and Rita Ruden
Chris and Cher Ruden
Mary Ruhlow
Phillip and Judy Ruppel
Lynn and Bob Rusk
Jane Rusk
Andrea Russell
Mark and Kathy Sand
James and Diane Sass
Scott and Kim Schemmel
George Schmid
Mark Schmidt and Sharon Pfeiler Schmidt
Todd Schmidt and Kate Parks
Sally and Jamie Schrobilgen
Danelle and Bernard Schroeder
Stanley and Sybil Schroeder
Dennis Schroeder and Jeanette Hartung-Schroeder
Charles and Connie Schrup
Nicholas Schwab
Jerry and Laureen Schwenker
Linda J. Scott
Ryan Scott
James Scott
John and Nancy Sedler
Deborah and Bill Seiffert
Gary and Pam Sejkora
Melissa Serenda and Steve Smith
Tricia Serres and John Donovan
Codi Sharkey
Robert and Brandie Sinkler
Nicole and Matt Sisler
Matt Sisler
Irene Sisler
Sisters of the Presentation
David Smith
Theresa Smith
Shawn Smith
Emma Stapleton
Ron and Kathy Stark
Mary Jane Steele
Scott and Rachel Steiner
Mark and Lynne Stevens
Roseann Stevenson
Ted and Rebecca Stieber
Straka Johnson Architects, P.C.
Stacie Sugioka
James Sullivan
Vicky and Mark Sutter
Cathy Swenson
Johanna Talarico
Nick and Judy Talarico
Jacob Tarby
Taylored Enterprises LLC
The Bill Muster Foundation
The Crepe Iron
Jennifer and Fred Thiede
Thomas and Sonia Bissell Family Giving Fund
Beatriz Tinoco
Mike Tracy
James and Marie Trannel
Kerrie Trebonsky
Jonathan Tschiggfrie
Pat Udzielak
Unified Therapy Services
Matt Upmeyer
Marta Van Straten
Ariel Verbeten
Verlo Mattress
Larry and Julie Vogt
Volv Fitness
Kathy Voss-Jensen
Kaylyn and Nathaniel Vroman
Clinten Waddell
Jake Wagner
Donna Wahlert
Donna and Daniel Walling
C Walsh-Bratton
Rachel C Weber
Bryce and Bridget Wehling
Mary Beth Weiland
Lauren Welch
Kelli and Ty Welu
Meghan and Jacob Wendland
Melissa and Tom Wersinger
Jon and Jean West
Amy L Wheeler
Ernest White
Shannon Whitmus
Dean and Amy Wilgenbusch
Susan Williams
Rob Williams
Zach Williams
Christopher Wilson
Rachel Witmer
Teri and Dave Witt
Boniface Wittenbrink
Ken and Rita Wolf
Wendy Woodhouse
Richard and Jane Worm
Barry Zalben and Marianne Walsh
Rick and Laura Zeimet
John and Carol Zeimet
Laura Zimmerman