his five-foot-tall statue of Greek goddess Artemis once stood in Dubuque’s Madison Park. Artemis is depicted here with her hunting dog, which is fitting since she was the Greek goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals.Photo of Artemis Statue from Madison Park

Madison Park was once the site of an estate owned by John Vincent Rider, a successful Dubuque banker. His mansion was opened to the public in 1915. The home was expensive to maintain, however, and was soon demolished. By 1919, a pavilion was constructed in its place and the site was named Madison Park.

The park dates to the 19th century and was made accessible from downtown with a set of wooden steps. Eventually, the wooden steps deteriorated and in 1918 were replaced by more ornate steps costing $2,100 and spanning eight flights and even a spiral staircase.

Madison Park is still enjoyed by many and is located at 1824 Main Street off Clarke Drive, at the top of North Main. Today, it is comprised of three acres and features a playground, basketball courts, and a picnic area.