The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium announced its summer special exhibit, American Adventure, opening Memorial Day weekend. American Adventure puts visitors into the shoes of the original colonists. This realistic role-play adventure presents one great challenge: To survive for one year. Sound easy? Think again…

Of the original 104 settlers who arrived in the spring of 1607, fewer than 40 survived the first twelve months.  Visitors wind their way through interactive galleries in this challenging 2500 square foot maze, while struggling to overcome demands on their knowledge and decision-making skills.  A telltale Life Chart hanging around each visitor’s neck reveals their health is starting to suffer.  Earning or losing points at each turn of the maze, the goal is to make it past more than two dozen tests spread out over 4 seasons.

Created by Seattle-based Minotaur Mazes and the Virginia Living Museum, American Adventure blends history, science, nature and fortune in a challenging interactive experience.

“Our goal is to immerse you in the subject- to make you an individual colonist with different strengths and weaknesses – and to reflect the complexity of early American life in a way that no other exhibit can.”   Exhibit creator Kelly Fernandi says, “You can live or die as you go through this maze – you’ll learn a lot even if it kills you, and chances are it will.”

American Adventure provides an illuminating window into the tough, bewildering natural landscape that bedeviled so many of America’s first English settlers. With a little luck, and most likely a few attempts, visitors may avoid slipping into the danger zone where their next decision could be life or death.

“When we met as a team to determine our next summer exhibit, American Adventure stood out to us as an exciting experience for our guests,” said Nate Breitsprecker, Director of Sales and Guest Services at the River Museum. “This will be an exhibit guests of all ages will enjoy, and I envision it may spark some competitive fun between family members! We see nearly 100,000 guests during the summer and we look forward to another great travel season this year.”

American Adventure is included in general admission and will be open until September 15, 2024. The exhibit is supported by 97.7 Country, WGLR, TH Media, and KCRG-TV 9.

Minotaur Mazes is a Seattle-based, worldwide traveling exhibitions company specializing in complete, interactive exhibition experiences within a maze setting. Mazes are engaging both mentally and physically, and a tactile experience helps visitors young and old retain ideas long after they have left the exhibit. 
Minotaur is committed to crafting quality, creative exhibitions that introduce ideas of sustainability and personal responsibility for the world and its people.