These guidelines apply to guided and self-guided tour groups.

Thank you for scheduling your trip to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. This information has been presented to help your students and chaperones prepare for their trip.


If possible, plan to arrive and check in ten to fifteen minutes before your tour or program is scheduled to begin. If you arrive late, your activities will be shortened to compensate, and the program will end at the scheduled time.

Bags, Coats, and Sack Lunches

The museum does supply large laundry bins for coats, lunch, and backpack storage upon entering the museum. Please leave valuables at home/school, as items are left unattended while the tour is in progress. We also request that no backpacks be carried on the tour.


We require groups to bring at least one adult for every 15 students for both supervision and safety.  Chaperones must remain with their students throughout the entire visit.


Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the conduct of their students at all times. If necessary, a teacher or chaperone may be asked to remove a disruptive student from a group tour or program.  During self-guided experiences, we recommend that students explore the museum in small, chaperoned groups. Groups found to be improperly supervised will be asked to leave.


Museum programs can occur both inside and outside.  Please make sure that all students and adults are dressed for the weather.


The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is located at 350 East 3rd St. in Dubuque, Iowa. Please contact us at 563-557-9545 x222, if you need instructions on where to park or drop off your group.


Represent your school in the best possible way; be on your best behavior! Always stay with your group. You don’t want to miss any of the fun!

Membership Information

Field trips are specialized programs and NOT a benefit of any museum membership package. Therefore, all students must pay the student cost of their trip.  Adult chaperones, however, may use their membership for free admittance with a photo ID.

Name Tags

We encourage the use of student name tags. First names only, please.

Special Needs

If you have students with special needs, please let us know. We will be happy to adjust the programming accordingly.


By entering the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium or Mathias Ham Historic Site properties, each individual grants our organization the right to take and use his or her photograph, likeness, or image in any medium including, but not limited to, billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, and/or television for the purpose of promoting the organization.

Photography is allowed, and encouraged, throughout the campus unless specifically stated.