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Winter / Spring

Nov. 1, 2023 - May 24, 2024

10 AM - 4 PM weekdays
10 AM - 5 PM weekends

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All tickets are 2-day passes

General Admission

  • Adult $24.95
  • Youth (Ages 3-17) $18.95
  • Senior (Ages 65+) $22.95

Admission + Film

  • Adult $29.90
  • Youth (Ages 3-17) $23.90
  • Senior (Ages 65+) $27.90


American Adventure

A role-play exhibit adventure. Become one of the first English colonists in America trying to survive the dreaded winter of 1607. American Adventure blends history, science, nature and fortune in a challenging interactive experience.  

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American adventure

We are Where we Live: How Environments Shape the Community

In this shared history, the natural landscape is more than a resource or setting but a leading actor in stories we tell ourselves that form who we are. Told using the four seasons, explore how we place value in our landscapes and create an environmental history that forms our present.

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DCHA exhibit

Featured Animal

Monarch Butterfly

This month’s featured animals are not ones you will see on exhibit at the River Museum, but they do call the River Museum home – just outdoors!

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Whale vertebra

Featured Collection

Whale Vertebra

Typically, when someone thinks of animals at the River Museum, they think of the living animals. However, there are animals represented in the historic collection too!

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